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The building is organised into four distinct ‘modern mansion blocks’ which balance the historic typologies of ‘the terrace’ and ‘the mansion block’ – with the blunter forms of the QMSC and Hindon Court to the east and west of the site.


The roof is clearly expressed as a roof and the ground floor is also visually distinct – deliberately divided into small arched openings to appeal to multiple smaller independent retailers and restaurateurs appropriate to this location.


Roof service plant is limited to less than a third of the site footprint with as much additional service plant as possible being kept in the basement.

Short section looking South shows the building massing mediating between Hindon Court and QMSC
Design Development Sketch. The building massing is lower than Hindon Court opposite, while mirroring it’s overall form to balance the view north along Wilton Road

The building gradually steps up to the north and then back down again, responding to the adjacent buildings relative scale and massing in a sensitive way and mirroring the profile of Hindon Court opposite.


The expressed blocks help to break up the massing and add relief to the elevations.


The residential block is situated to the north adjacent to the townhouses along Gillingham Row.

Illustrative View of Proposal