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The proposals will increase the area of publicly accessible open space at pavement level.


At first floor and above, the design restores the building edge along Wilton Road to align with the historic frontages to the North and South. This creates a high level reveal at first floor which provides covered entrances and external space to the entire length of the building.


The number of trees on Wilton Road will more than treble.


The proposals allow for outdoor seating to cafe and restaurant frontages with external visitor cycle parking to other areas.

Indicative view of retail frontage
Indicative view south along Wilton Road
Existing Site Plan
Proposed Site Plan



The Ground Floor treatment is a key part of the scheme. There is a history of small individual shops along Wilton Road which provides an attractive grain, and individual, independent, character to the streetscape.


We are proposing to bring animation and multiple active frontages to the site through creating individual small retail units with well considered signage and materials.